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Welcome to our Store

If you would like to contact us directly - email, call, text. We can tailor your shipping and handling charges to you personally (potentially reducing the shipping and handling charges).



Financing Options: 

We work with FinanceIt as an option if you would like to finance your products and/or install. 

Contact us directly and we will assist you through the process. 


For all orders, we can deliver for free within an hour of Matheson. 

For larger items including generators we can deliver for free within 1 hour of Matheson provided you have a piece of equipment to unload the unit. For areas outside our 1 hr radius, we use Manitoulin Transport. 

Other Generator Options: 

We work with Kohler, Sommers/Brigs and Straton, and Generac as well if you prefer a different brand. Contact us and we can provide you a quote for the unit you are interested in. 


As with all of our equipment we do offer the whole package - supply and installation. Every install is a little different so we tailor all of our installation quotes individually. If you are interested in an installation quote please let us know and we can set up a consultation.

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